There Is A Lot Of Pressure For Women To Feel Good And Be Good.
But What If You’re Not?

Are you a woman who has been struggling emotionally? Maybe you feel stuck, do not feel “like yourself” and describe these feelings as being irritable, angry and not having control over your moods and emotions. Sometimes, these feelings have an impact on relationships and our overall functioning.

I work with women to help them learn tools and techniques to heal from situations with less frustration, and more support and clarification. We will take a journey to understand your true self as a path to your happiness and gain a sense of control over important issues in your life.

Let’s work together to bridge the gap between expectations and reality.

"Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are braver than you think, smarter than the opinions of others, stronger than you seem, prettier than your reflection and loved more than you know."

Services Offered:

• Women’s conferences, workshops and podcasts
• After-care plan offered for all conference and workshop participants
• Women’s Issues
• Individual, Couples & Relationship counseling
• Depression and Anxiety
• Emotional Health and Wellness

Meet Charese L. Josie

I specialize in treating all types of relationship struggles. The decision to begin counseling can be scary but also life changing. I am glad you are making your emotional health a priority. I believe one of the biggest challenges to counseling is finding the right counselor that fits your needs. My therapeutic technique is to help you find a deeper understanding of the challenges in your life and assist you in developing an action plan to address these challenges to have the healthy relationship you desire. We will look at behavioral and thought patterns that may be holding you back from living the life you want.

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