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Learn how to set the right boundaries that boost your confidence, protect your peace, and help keep everyone in their own lane, including you

Free Checklist For High-achieving Women Leaders

This free checklist was created for high-achieving women leaders, like you, who are ready to experience peace, minus the guilt, fear, and shame while strengthening your relationship with yourself and others, personally and professionally.

In a 4-step process, I will guide you on how to set boundaries that bring your life to a peaceful balance without feeling like you can’t be counted on; but boundaries that empower you to know that you’ve got this!

Learn how to set boundaries in your relationships to improve your mood and not feel so overwhelmed

Do you feel the unwanted pressure and overwhelm that keeps you operating on autopilot trying to have it all together? Let me guide you through mindset changes so you can create the best self-practices that position you to navigate your life with ease, clarity, support, and peace.

Have you ever felt like you’re in a one-woman show that you never auditioned to be in? It’s possible that…

Don't worry, I got you!

Being able to do less and breathe more with less overwhelm seems more like a far-fetched dream than a possible reality- but doesn’t have to be

If we’re honest, you’ve held onto the mentality of
“things have to get done, and I’m the only woman for the job”
Long enough… possibly too long

Spoiler alert, sis…

There’s a better way to pour out while still having your cup full

You can learn how and you don’t have to do it alone

Grown Women Only:
A 6-Part ‘#GrownWomenTalk’ Video Collection

A collection of empowering interactive videos designed to equip high-achieving women leaders, like you, with the clarity, strategy, and how-to action steps you need to quit doing the most with a “do-it-all” mindset that keeps you overwhelmed, stretched, and depleted.

With this collection of empowering videos, you can…

Learn to understand the overwhelm of uncertainty that can cause you to feel like something is wrong with you when, in reality, there’s nothing wrong with you

Let's go deeper into where to put your concern. Is it with you, others, or within the situation?  And why? Because you've worked too hard to be worried about everything!

Become more aware of how to breathe and relax in your free time without being worried about what’s next on your list


Let's Do This

It’s time you gained a new mindset to help you alleviate what’s on your plate without the sense of feeling behind AND I CAN HELP

Hey lady, I’m Charese​


As a grown woman, can I be real with you?

I have been where you are. I thought that if I did everything I was supposed to do…ya know, everything like go to college, get a good job or be that good-looking, independent woman everything should fall into place.

But, I learned it takes more than that. It took me understanding my emotions and what makes me happy, sad, and everything in between to build the confidence to speak up for myself without feeling like I did or said something wrong.

As a practicing professional with experience in creating safe spaces for women like you for over 5 years, there’s been a huge misconception about self-care. These days the idea of self-care has been more connected to scheduling your next facial or massage.  That’s what I consider maintenance.  Self-care is actually tapping into shifting your mindset in order to get to the heart of what you need and what makes you feel good.

You’re a busy woman or should I say a woman about her business so you can’t afford to be fooled by the idea of surfaced self-care that can cause you to put Neosporin where you actually need stitches.

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t have to be another thing to check off your to-do list and it shouldn’t be something you have to do “right” to feel accomplished or complete.

But who can blame you? Up until this point, you’ve been a box-checker to get all the “right” things done like graduating college, obtaining that high level position, being independent and so much more. And in the midst of all of that, where has that left your feelings?

Instead of being connected to your feelings, you’ve probably…

  • Disassociated with being vulnerable
  • Built barriers for protection
  • Used independence as a crutch to validate just how strong and capable you are
  • Added more and more stuff to your plate to feel accomplished just to avoid the unknown or like you’re not enough

Kind Words And Love

“I am a Director and in the process of starting my own business while being a mom and all the demands of family relationships and I started to see some red flags of potential childhood traumas. I saw your post and I just immediately knew that you would be able to help because you were speaking my language because it has affected my self-esteem and confidence and even my ability to relate to others. I appreciate your help and all you do.”
F. Cosby
“The information about labels has me thinking not only about the labels that I have accepted about myself but how I need to be more careful, particularly with my children. I was a physical therapist for 15 years and know how much it means when your words and professional insight have benefited someone and I wanted to tell you that you did that for me today. I will be sure to not miss any of your future content. I feel like I could listen to you talk for hours! You are amazing.”
L. Hammond

Let’s Be Real…
Too Often The Lines In Life Get Blurred

Ready to gain unshakable confidence and clarity as a woman leader in both your personal and professional relationships so you can help yourself and others stay in their lane by establishing healthy boundaries?

Download my boundaries and expectations for women leaders checklist today!

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